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Updated with new kit prices & savings. Current Intro trifold with no member fee mentioned, mention of refer a friend, Metapwr kit and brief info added, top 13 oils listed with benefits, CPTG update and more.


See list of kits referenced below. This purchase is for the US-version of the Intro to doTERRA Trifold (8.5X11 size). It is doTERRA Compliance approved and includes room for customization. The kits referenced in this trifold are 

Aroma Essentials Collection

Aromatouch Technique

Healthy Habits

Healthy Start 

Home Essentials

Natural Solutions

Oil Collectors



Per the website terms of service we do not provide free updates to tools but we allow you to edit your own file as you wish. We priced the tools accordingly for this. For new updates you will need to purchase a new file as needed. All sharers and builders must purchase their own originals. No part of this document can be copied without permission. 


*** Editable with any PDF editor. I use Adobe for a fee. You can use a free PDF editor like

Intro to doTERRA Trifold Living Naturally 03 10 2024

  • These purchases are instant downloads and, therefore, not subject to returns, refunds, nor exchanges. All sales are final. We DO NOT provide free updates to tools as dōTERRA makes changes often. This helps keep our prices down for you. You may edit purchased tools yourself using the free PDF editor sejda.comor the editor of your choice,. Per the Terms of Service, these documents are for personal use only. Your Builders MUST purchase their own handouts.

  • You will be given an automatic download link AT CHECKOUT. If you do not download at that time, you will also get a download link in your purchase confirmation email that will be good for 30 days only. This purchase confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have on file with PayPal.

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