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Label Templates for 39 Recipe Pages (make and takes) that were created from 2017-2023, in 1 place, in 1 document, ready for your use!

Each label template corresponds with a Recipe Page, make sure you have the recipe pages (formerly called Make & Takes) and then you can use these labels to keep track of which blend is which! THE RECIPES ARE NOT ON THE LABEL TEMPLATES. You never want to sample or give prospects the recipes! You want them to NEED YOU for that so they can't sample your products and go order them elsewhere like amazon!! There is always a method to my madness to make your business more successful! 

Label Templates for these 39 make and takes 

Aches & Discomforts

Aroma Essentials

AromaTouch Advantage

Athletes, Muscles & Joints

Back to School

Balance Your Emotions

Be Adaptiv

Best for Baby

Digestive Health

DIY Upcycled Beauty Hacks

Emotional Edge Essentials

Happy Holidays

Healthy Daily Habits

Healthy Home

Her Happy Hormones

Immunity Edge


Kids Connection

Master Your Metabolism

Meditation & Relaxation

Must Haves for Men

Oils & Chakras

Oils for Gardening

Oils for Your Pets

Pregnancy & Birth

Respiratory Support

Sensory Solutions

Sleep & Stress Support

Summer Solutions

Teen Track

Thank You for Your Service

Toxin Free Cleaning

Travel Must Haves

Weight Management

Winter Wellness

Women’s Wellness

Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation

Your Health is a Gift


Template made for but you can also use other brands if you make sure they are the same format. 
For these templates use OL875WJ - 2.625" x 1"   30 labels per page
To create your own cap stickers order OL32WJ (matte) and use template maker.
You can order some sample label pages from if needed. 
ALWAYS PRINT A SAMPLE PAGE ON REGULAR PAPER FIRST! HOLD UP THE PRINTED SAMPLE BEHIND YOUR LABEL PAGE IN FRONT OF A WELL LIT WINDOW OR BRIGHT LIGHT TO SEE IF YOUR PRINTER HAS THEM LINED UP WELL. We are not responsible for your labels not lining up. You need to print a test page and check your printer settings.  
If lining up well, follow through with printing on the label sheet. If not lining up well you can load to canva and edit it. Directions on how to load to canva and edit can be found in my fb group Lisa Zimmer Essential Oils Biz Tips and type in the search area Canva. 
Follow your usual printing process. 


1.    From this PDF be sure to select the page number of one label sheet you want to print (no need to print this page titled ‘Printing Instructions’).
2.    Follow your printer’s settings and select 100% scale . Avoid selecting ‘fit to printable area’. Selecting 100% scale will help make sure each will print more centered onto their individual label.
3.    Load and print one label sheet at a time in your printer to prevent misalignment.
4.    Select correct paper type (ie: matte, glossy, etc.). Identifying the type of paper you’re printing on will reduce smudging. This is necessary when using glossy.

LABELS Template Package for 39 Recipe pages!

  • These purchases are instant downloads and, therefore, not subject to returns, refunds, nor exchanges. All sales are final. We DO NOT provide free updates to tools as dōTERRA makes changes often. This helps keep our prices down for you. You may edit purchased tools yourself using the free PDF editor or canva or the editor of your choice. Per the Terms of Service, these documents are for personal use only. Your Builders MUST purchase their own handouts.

  • You will be given an automatic download link AT CHECKOUT. If you do not download at that time, you will also get a download link in your purchase confirmation email that will be good for 30 days only. This purchase confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have on file with PayPal.

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