• Marketing materials & tips for the 21 day Challenge (loaded early to group so you can implement before course begins)
  • Zooms with Blue Diamond, Lisa Zimmer Feb 8-22 OR follow recorded videos on replay
  • Focus on Problem Solving Q & A's in your biz
  • Structuring & Exceptions training day
  • Learning how to maximize your social media personal timeline for your biz without breaking the social media rules
  • Increasing Enrollments on the Spot in person and online
  • Permanent access to course
  • Exclusive Lisa Zimmer graphics & downloads
  • EACH sharer and builder must purchase access to the group for the free tools and trainings.


  • Per the Terms of Service, these documents are for personal use only. Each sharer and builder must purchase their own rights to use this training material. The free pdf file downloads in the group are not to be distributed to others. They are available for your sharers and builders when they purchase access to WWZD courses.

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