The US Back to School Package features:

  • Safe, effective ways to use doTERRA products to help support our teachers & children
  • FDA Compliant US handouts (8.5X11 size)
    • Back to School
    • Diffuse for a Happy Classroom
    • Tips for a Healthy Classroom
  • Suggested uses
  • Custom Make & Take recipes
  • Utilizes the oils in the AromaTouch Technique Kit enrollment kit of April 2022

Supplies needed for this Make & Take :

  • AromaTouch Technique Kit oils
  • 5mL roller bottles
  • 22 - 24 oz. spray bottles (Dollar Store Plastic with recycle symbol 1 or2)
  • Small squeeze bottles (for hand sanitizer)
  • FCO
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • dōTERRA OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate


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As always these are for your personal use for your classes and files are not to be shared with other builders. Each sharer/builder must purchase their own for rights to distribute per website terms of use. These are copyrighted materials. 

Back to School Package

  • See the videos on ...

    • General Make & Take Training
    • How to Run Your Make & Take Efficiently
    • How to Run and Close your Make & Take


    THEN ...

    1. Begin your class with the trifold brochure available at
    2. Read the trifold skipping the oils in the middle. They can read those later
    3. When you stick to reading the trifold, you become easily duplicatable. Your audience can leave and immediately enroll someone themselves by using the trifold.
    4. Do not use big words or any lingo. Pretend you know nothing about oils when teaching so everyone can understand what you are saying. 
    5. Go all the way through the trifold but skip, how to enroll themselves online. Mention it as, we will help you order your oils tonight, but take this trifold with you and share it with friends and “get free stuff”. Watch my videos on Lisa Zimmer Essential Oils Biz Tips for ideas. 
    6. Once done with trifold, say “now we will come back to this at the end, do not worry about what kit to pick right now. This is the kit we are working with for class tonight." Then go through the handout. Follow the directions and tips in the videos. Finish and reintroduce the trifold and close.
    7. Most of the make and take handouts are designed to help you enroll everyone with a kit, help them get ideas on what to order for their LRP “ORDER NEXT SECTION”. Then, the recipes to implement these products are listed below. There are products strategically planted within the recipes that are not in the kit, so they will need them (if they want to make them in the future) for their LRP. This is to help you say “Oh that is not in the kit, but let’s get your monthly rewards ordering set up for you and you can put that in the cart to start…”
    8. You do not need to make all the recipes. It’s set up to get their wheels turning about all the things these oils can do. If you don’t have the oils for a section, skip it. Share with them the benefits of that recipe and what you love about those oils, but don’t feel like you have to offer everything.
    9. I do not give the recipe sheets out. I keep them laminated or in a plastic sleeve to use over and over again. The Trifolds -I want them taking home, so if they don’t enroll, they can enroll themselves or if they do enroll, they can share it with others. I email the handout with the recipes to everyone that enrolls as an incentive to enroll. Please stop giving everything away. Give them reasons to enroll with you.