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Is dōTERRA your business?

Welcome, dõTERRA Wellness Advocates! We offer business tools and training courses to help you simplify and build your business easily and effectively without reinventing the wheel. Click below for our full selection of tools.

Get started with dōTERRA

Are you ready to learn how to be proactive instead of reactive with your health and wellness? Do you want to start caring for yourself and your family in a gentler, more natural way? Then you are ready for dōTERRA essential oils and I can help.

What Are These Tools?


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The Zimmer Trifolds are three panel double-sided pamphlets that will provide you with information about dõTERRA's products and topics to help you enroll customers simply and create a more duplicatable process for your team.

Recipe Pages

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The Zimmer Recipe Pages are single page tools that transform your classes with increased attendance,  enrollments, and LRPS. It is perfect for prospects as well as existing customers.


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The WWZD (What Would Zimmer Do?) courses teach you how to run your business in real time and give you access to personal group video calls with Lisa Zimmer, 

dõTERRA Blue Diamond and top leader.

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