Print this file double sided for month one.

For subsequent months reprint multiple copies of pages 3-16. If you reprint from page one you will have another cover and blank page in your calendar for every month.


The Zimmer System print yourself digital download calendar includes what you need for each month. Add it to the front of your Zimmer Binder or print 12 months and have bound at an office supply store! 

This will help you plan your day, month and have all your biz tasks in one simple at a glance location! 


  • Cover
  • Monthly at a glance
  • Daily/Weekly Calendar with hourly time slots & tasks section
  • Product reminders to use for yourself and to educate on
  • Daily post suggestions and daily, weekly and montly biz suggestions
  • Notes page


All Zimmer tools are digital downloads and not to be shared with others due to copyright and terms of use on this site. Each sharer and builder must purchase their own. This document may not be shared online or social media with anyone. 



Zimmer System Calendar